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Active Shooter Guidelines

In a situation where someone has entered a building or area of the campus and begins shooting, the following list of actions are recommended only if you feel SAFE to leave:

  1. Exit the building or area immediately ONLY if it is SAFE
  2. Notify anyone you encounter and have them exit the building or area immediately
  3. Call 911
  4. Provide dispatcher the following information:

If you do NOT feel it is SAFE to immediately exit the building or area, these actions are recommended:

  1. Go to the nearest room or office.
  2. Close and lock the door. If there is not a lock on the door, try to quickly barricade the door or block the door with something
  3. Cover the door windows
  4. Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room
  5. DO NOT answer the door
  6. Call 911.
  7. If you can, safely provide the dispatcher the following information:

It is okay to leave the building or area if you feel that it can be done SAFELY. If you feel it can not be done safely, then go to a room, closet, other part of the building, etc. and try to secure yourself inside. Try to remain quiet and out of sight. If you are in a room that has windows to the outside and begin to feel threatened or unsafe, use something (chair, computer, etc.) to break out the window, clear the broken glass as much as possible, and safely exit the room.